Convenient ways to book KTM Ticket

The majority of people travels between Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia for the purpose of business or for sight-seeing can easily book their ktm train ticket online. There are hundreds of online portal available these day by which you can book your ticket. The KTM is called Keretapi Tanah Melayu by way of their wide range of online train booking platform. As a customer you have enough freedom to choose between the round trip as well as single trip from Singapore to Peninsular Malaysia and also you can come back at your home town.

Easy to Book KTM Train Ticket Online

Traveling with train is one of the safest and the cheapest, as well as easiest and also most comfortable way of traveling from Singapore to Malaysia Kuala Lumpur. It is seen that a seat of premier class ranges from SGD37 onwards to SGD66, while for the purpose of Superior Class coaches, it starts from SGD20 to SGD33. You can buy your train ticket online or offline, but better to buy online, because you do not need to stand in the long queue, not to waste your valuable time and energy. There are many online portals you can find to buy your ticket. You also can check the date of arrival and departure in the time of buy ticket.

Book Ticket Online or By Ticketing Agent

KTM or Keretapi Tanah Melayu is one of the most trusted and one and only company which owned these trains. Travelers can easily pick their train from different locations or pick points, for example Hatyai, Taiping, Burkit, Mertajam and many places. You will be glad when you travel in this train, the train is very clean and fair in condition; you will be offered very good quality food and unparalleled services. You also can spend time looking out of the window, the scenery and beautiful site you will be crossing. If you travel in first class sleeper then you will get to travel a private cabin, private shower and toilet as well as LCD television. In addition to the mentioned services you will feel comfortable in the air conditioned train to ensure you enjoy the ride.

Enjoy the Ride with Comfort and Convenience

Ticketing AgentIt is seen that booking your train ticket is easier and faster if you use any reliable online portal; it is safer as well as cheaper at the same time. This not only saves you time and energy, but also comfortable and compared to bus or even air. You can take advantage of this service anytime you need, for a planned journey to emergency, because the ticket is available 24*7 and 365 days, you can buy and book your ticket as soon as possible you need without any delay.  So it is the time to save money and also enjoy the rides every time you do from Singapore to Malaysia and Thailand.

Singapore to bintan on a ferry

The southern-eastern part of Asia serves as a great tourist attraction. People from all around the world go there to spend their holidays. With the group of islands such as Singapore and Bintan, there is no lack of places to visit. That’s why; these islands have been visited by tourists all around the year. Everything that he tourists need is a visa permit in order to visit these islands. People can arrive at Singapore and got to the other islands easily. To go to the other islands they can avail the ferry service.


The ferry service is one of the most enjoyable journeys that the tourists can have. In fact it is one of the best and vibrant attractions of the Asean region and indeed Singapore. Moreover with the ferry service plying, the journey from one island to other has become much easier. The ferries go from Singapore to Bintan Island via Jakarta. The 2200 kilometers journey takes approximately 120 hours. The services that the ferries give, makes this 5 day journey quite comforting and enjoyable. All that the tourists need to do is possess a tourist visa in order have a zero hassle trip.

The services

The ferries provide with various other services that make the trip more enjoyable and the attractive for the tourists. In order to make the journey memorable, the ferry services provide with various promotional services such as cupid promo, day trip fare, early booker bonus, flash you I.D. and many other services. The caterings service is also worth mentioning. There are endless no of tasty dishes that the catering services serve on demand from the tourist. The tourists can also books special chartered ferries. Then there are VIP and Business class ferries available for special services.